Science & Mathematics

Why Science & Math?

It's important to understand the science and math principles behind our robot design so we can effectively design and improve it.

While design is a vital step for any engineering project you also need to be able to understand why what you've designed works the way it does and calculate the various physics associated with whatever you have constructed. This is where the science and math section comes in. Science and math allows us to gather quantitative data about our robot and measure the forces and energies that are present on our robot. These include: the torque of the extended arm, vital to making sure the system will work; the speed of the robot, so that we know how quick we move on the field; and the kinetic energy of the robot, so that we can determine how fast the battery drains and the potential impact force if something goes wrong. We can also use this data to monitor the progression of our robot as we improve its design.

Science and Math