Business & Sustainability Plans


Our Values

We, as a FIRST team, strongly value the core principles set by the organization. Because of this, we make an effort to exemplify gracious professionalism at all events and meetings. We want to make a positive, lasting impact not only on FIRST, but on our community as a whole.

The Explorer Post 1010

Our FTC team was started by the Explorer Post 1010 organization. Explorer Post 1010 has an exciting program of technical and fun activities for high school students interested in engineering. The Post is engaged in several engineering and research projects, such as the Team America Rocketry Challenge, FIRST Tech Challenge, Botball Educational Robotics Competition, and the UAS4STEM Drone Competition. The members get opportunities to develop both leadership and teamwork skills. The Post enrolls about 30 teens every fall and runs the program through the next summer, with most members being involved for three or four years. Since 1997, when our Post was founded, over 350 high schoolers have participated, with some coming back after college to be mentors.

History of Our Team

The Blu Cru made its debut in FTC in the 2012 -13 season. The Cru advanced to states in almost all of its past seasons. Two seasons ago, when our alliance won, we qualified for worlds at States. We hope to go far this year, as well.

Each of our team members has experience in other STEM related competitions, such as Science Olympiad, Mathletes, FLL, USA4STEM, Science Bowl, and Botball. Our passion for FTC originates from our heavy involvement in the STEM community in our schools.

Team Organization

We elect members to certain roles to streamline our operations.

We divide into teams to work on coding and engineering, but we come together to make big decisions that affect all of us and require multiple sources of input.

We maintain meaningful relationships with our community, other FTC teams, and our sponsors.



The Cru is very fiscally responsible with the funds we are presented with. All donated funds are placed into a bank account managed by our mentor, Bob. Although we don’t have direct access to the funds, we do make a large majority of financial decisions as a group.

A note about staying on budget:

The Cru’s main priority this season is to ensure that we have enough funds to build a good robot, while saving enough for future seasons and emergency expenses. Our business meetings, excel spreadsheets, and economic awareness will allow us to monitor our progress with staying within our budget. Moreover, we will reuse the majority of parts from last season to stay on budget. However, if our income is greater than expected, then we may increase our budget accordingly.