Engineering Notebook

Our notebook captures the essence of our team; it documents our progress, our successes and our failures, our plans for the season, and much more.

Our engineering design process began immediately following the release of the FTC challenge this year. We spent, and are continuing to spend, a large majority of time planning, drawing, and CAD-ing our designs out this season. This year we have decided to construct an arm powered by a motor and extending with X-rail extrusions to lift and maneuver SkyStones across the field. At the competitions in which we participate, we hope to exercise the fruits of our labors this season, and continue to have a good experience competing. We hope to continuously improve our robot and ourselves, and to be a positive influence to all the people with whom we interact. We are aiming to make it to States, and eventually Worlds. We are hoping to continue a successful competition season, to improve on our accomplishments from last year, and strengthen our team both for current members and future members in the years to come.