Our Values

Our Values


As a team comprised of naturally curious members, we value discovery as a way of learning more about STEM and our interests. Our curiosity leads us to discover new developments in STEM fields and learn new things.


By valuing innovation, we foster an environment in which all team members can contribute their own unique ideas for robot design, coding solutions, and more. By becoming independent thinkers that can solve problems without using formulaic thinking, we are sure to become contributing members to society in the future.


On our team, we foster an environment of inclusiveness and acceptance. We welcome team members from all parts of the county and from all kinds of backgrounds. Once on the team, all members are invited to explore any sup topic (coding, CADing, engineering, etc.) that they may be interested.


We know that through teamwork, our team produces the best solutions to our problems. When multiple people contribute to a team discussion, we can combine the best ideas from all our members to create a better solution than any one person could come up with. All of our members welcome constructive criticism and it to refine their ideas.


Ultimately, we have a lot of fun working on our robot and as a team! We participate in various team building exercises which make us grow closer as a team and allow us to have fun in the process.


We value teamwork with other teams. At the end of the day, the teams we work with all value the same things we do and share our love for STEM. We must all work together to spread our love of STEM to the next generation.

We also value gracious professionalism as a team. As a team who puts in a lot of effort into competition and tries their best, we are sure to treat other teams with the level of respect they deserve for doing the same.