Meet the Mentors

Our mentors are our greatest sources of inspiration and encouragement. We cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us!

Bob Ekman

Without the support of our mentor, Bob Ekman, we could not be where we are today.

As president of the Rockville Science Center and manager of the Explorer Post 1010, a collection of rocketry and robotics teams, Bob is adamant about sharing his love of STEM with youth in Montgomery County. His work has enabled countless kids of all ages to be exposed to STEM, and though he seeks no rewards for his effort, his efforts are incredibly rewarding.

Bob is also the epitome of a mentor. He strikes a balance between encouraging independent and critical thinking amongst the members of the team while lending support when needed. His approach has helped us grow into the engineering-minded students we are.

When a team member asked, “Why do you do all of this?”

Bob responded, “Because someone has to inspire the next generation of engineers.”

Neil is someone who we need for support and counsel. He serves as a vital guide in our effort to learn robotics and serves as a prime example of what a real engineer is.

Neil is our secondary mentor. He is there to find serious problems, let them be known to the team, and supports our pursuit to figure out a creative and imaginative way to fix them. He helps to make sure that ideas are not a waste of time and resources.

He also has come to most meetings, out of his love and passion for robotics, and the spirit of competition.

Neil is a kindhearted mentor who saves everyone from their own tough moments in the pursuit of robotics. He motivates and inspires the team to keep going.

Neil Perkins