The Cru

This year, Blu Cru is comprised of 14 members from various different high schools across Montgomery County. Each member is a valuable contributor to our team!


School: Thomas S. Wootton

Interests: video games (playing and making), robotics, martial arts, tinkering

Why FTC?: Because I wanted to build robots and be able to compete in an amazing competition.


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: video games, robotics, STEM

Why FTC?: It inspired me to explore the field of science further and join FTC.


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: cross country, basketball, business

Why FTC?: wanted to learn engineering skills, and expand my knowledge of STEM


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: art, robotics, writing, music

Why FTC?: FTC allows me to gain more experience in STEM and build cool things


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: Robotics, STEM, martial arts, teaching

Why FTC?: FTC is good because it provides a good basis for learning and provides plenty of interesting experiences


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: Hockey, robotics, video games, legos, biking

Why FTC?: FTC is good because it’s fun and you can do fun activities.


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: robotics, cybersecurity

Why FTC?: Building robots is fun and cool


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: Engineering, music

Why FTC?: FTC provides a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with robotics.


School: Winston Churchill

Interests: drones, 3D printing, electrical engineering

Why FTC?: I had a deep interest in robotics after joining post 1010’s UAS team.


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: computers, food, sports, music

Why FTC?: it was the next step from FLL


School: Thomas S. Wootton

Interests: cybersecurity, programming and networking

Why FTC?: gives opportunity to apply programming skills in a cool way and seemed like a useful experience in a field I would like to go into


School: Thomas S. Wootton

Interests: video games, computers, applied science, fencing

Why FTC?: allows me to constructively use my coding experience


School: Thomas S. Wootton

Interests: Robotics, video games

Why FTC?: Due to being recommended and enjoying the challenge of FTC


School: Richard Montgomery

Interests: coding, writing, engineering

Why FTC?: I wanted to be apart of a team, and learn real applications of things that where only abstract concepts in school. I also had an opportunity to teach an intro python course.